We are looking regularly for models fitting to our concept, but we schedule our bookings long time. Mostly more than three month before the shooting. Please accept that, it has to do with our concept.

We are booking models mostly for a whole weekend. That means sixteen hours of work for you - eight hours on Saturday and eight hours on Sunday. We start always at round about 10.00 o´clock in the morning and finish at round about 19.00 o´clock in the evening. From round about 14.00 o´clock to 15.00 o´clock do we make a late afternoon break, so you can also relax a bit. We try to work in four hour slots. And take care that in those slots are also small breaks for you.

Of course do we shoot with you, but we also offer modelsharings and 1-to-1 shootings to other photographers and finance our studio with the benefits out of selling tickets for those happenings. All the shootings will happen in our studio in Weil der Stadt.

You should be willing to accept that concept. We assume that a 1-to-1 shooting is clear, so we do not explain it. We want to explain the concept for the modelsharings a bit more, so you get an idea of them. We sell maximum three tickets for a modelsharing, so the group stays small. Just one photographer shoots same time. The photographers are mostly very experienced and develop the ideas their own. in worst case is always a member from our studio close by and takes care of any problems.

You get free living from Friday evening till Monday morning in the guest room of the studio owner in his privat flat. Breakfast at home and dinner in a restaurant as well as a small snack in the afternoon in the studio is included in the booking. The transport between the flat and the studio will be organized and paid by us. There will be also most of the time a member of our studio near you to support with any problems occuring.

We insist on arrival on Friday evening at the train station Böblingen. The reason is to make the weekend for all participants as smooth as possible. And to be honest to avoid problems with the German rail system, as the trains in the Stuttgart area are mostly late and not on time. You can leave on Sunday evening after the last shooting in case you want, but we recommend to stay till Monday morning. Please plan your travel to and from Böblingen train station. Böblingen is a town near Stuttgart in the south of Germany. By car we do need maximum 30 minutes to Weil der Stadt.

If we get together and schedule a booking, then we need a price (including the travel) where both sites are happy with. We need to know a fix price including everything for the calculation of the tickets. We need to know from you the area you feel happy with for working - lingerie, art nude, or what else is okay for you. Mostly we search for models till art nude (in German "klassischer Akt"), but exceptions are made. We also need a sedcard (best on Model-Kartei.de) and some pictures for advertisment. Please send the form down to us and we will come back to you so we can negotiate everything.

In case you are worried about the concept or us as a person. Please be free to contact other models which have been visiting us already. You can find them over our Instagram account.

We are getting often asked by models, what happens if we do not sell enough tickets for making enough benefit. The answer is that we are in the lucky situation of accepting that. The rule is very easy, we try to sell as much as possible and use the other part for us. So to sum it up, in worst case do you just shoot with the owner of the studio. But from our site do we not cancle the bookings except of very bad sickness. We have also employed people which can jump in if the main persons do not have the option of taking care of everything.

We espect a high reliability from you, cause we have our own customers which are booking the happenings in our studio very early. Please keep us informed as early as possible if changes happen from your site to our bookings. We can handle everything, but do not accept if you do not come without saying anything.